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Chester Round Table is a team of volunteers that focuses on men aged 18-45 with a spotlight on events that support mental fitness, community, teamwork and fun. Our Social Events events are for our members, however our fundraising events are for everyone.

We’re part of a 5 club family to ensure everyone has a place and #DoMore in their local community. Round Tables, 41 Club, Ladies Circle, Tangent and Agora often work together on our events for everyone to be involved



Chester Round Table is based in the heart of Chester city. We are social charity run by volunteers based in CWaC region. We organise local traditions in the city such as the Santa Float, The Chester Charity Beer Festival, Raft Race and we help host with other support groups within the community. The funds we raise through these activities is then invested back into local causes backed our members through group discussion at our social meetings, many of these causes slip through the net of traditional fundraising requests.

Chester Round Table is for men aged 18-45 and yes, we know in today’s world, why men only? Well, its intentional the association was formed to support and provide a space to nurture and support men’s mental health and wellness whilst also serving the community and we think it’s even more relevant today as it was back in 1927. 

We also host self-funded social events for our volunteers to help pool together a band of brothers from all backgrounds from across Chester with the aim to have fun, draw us closer together and improve our mental fitness and health as a group. The social events are usually on the first and third Monday of each month. Our socials allow our members to participate in many events that they wouldn’t ordinarily get to do in their everyday lives and we’re always looking for new stuff to do together.

Chester Round Table goes bigger than just our city. We are united with Round Tables up and down the country, all working towards supporting their local community, stepping up to serve. For those not eligible for the Round Table social events we are part of a 5 club family to accommodate those outside our membership requirements and we regularly work together for fundraising events.

Robert Jones


Hello I am the current Chester Round Table Chairman and I have been a member for over 3 years. I am originally from over the border and I joined Chester table to make some new friends, discover the area and contribute back to my new community.

My time in Table has seen us host the beer Festival, Santa Float, Raft Race and more. Running these events, raising money and seeing all the smiley faces around makes all the hard work feel very rewarding.

About myself, I'm a bit of nerd and love gaming, graphic novels and messing about with new tech and gadgets but I'll try anything once. That's where table has been able to allow to do some great activities and give a little back to Chester at the same time.

Our Core Values

• Charity • Wellbeing • Engagement • Social Interactions • Mental Fitness • Support • Teamwork • Friendship • Fun • New Experiences •