Survey Results – Chester Round Table


We would like to thank you from everyone at Chester Grosvenor 76 Round Table Charity for your feedback to Santa Float event.

We have now stopped taking responses and we have been reviewing the data in the background to help shape not only the 2021 event but also the future events based on your feedback, our experiences and working with local communities.

We may not get everything right this year but we are listening and we will be actively looking to tailor the event based on feedback in the future.

Thank you for your support! 


We had an incredible 434 responses to the form in such a short space of time and the feedback you have given is constructive and honest.

The first questions were to help us find out if Santa had been to your area, if he had been to your street previously and to help give us an idea if we are reaching families of all sizes and kids and big kids alike.

Santa Float Audience

We can see from the feedback that nearly 10% of our audience don’t have children and that’s amazing. We want to be a family event for everyone and this shows us we bring joy to a lot of people and that makes us proud and happy we’re on the right tracks.

The family size feedback gives us a rough idea for our audience. This year we will be bringing back sweets for Santa’s helpers to hand out and we can have more than 6 helpers this year, using this information we can ensure we’re short on neither.

Especially the sweets!

Responses Per Area

Has Santa Visited Your Street (By Area)

From the data we can assume  the Santa Float hasn’t covered Guilden Sutton, Mickle Trafford and Westminster Park/Lache previously. With limited data for these areas we will likely need to look into this further.

For Huntington, Vicars Cross, Christleton & Waverton, Hoole & Newton, Saighton, Great Boughton and Boughton, Blacon and Handbridge & Curzon Park we have covered 74.92%. (Based on average)

The Other category will need some future analysis as we received some feedback outside of the areas we traditionally have covered.

Has Santa Visited Your Street (Map)

Yes – Green Bubbles
Not Sure – Amber Bubbles
No – Red Bubbles

The above map is another representation of the previous charts and show that we are mostly covering the inner-city areas well. If we are not on your street we are mostly nearby and we have a tracker so that you can find us.

For Mickle Trafford, Guilden Sutton and Westminster Park we will need to look into the viability of a Santa Float in these areas and if we had members from these areas we could tap into their knowledge to help build a Santa Float night.

Your Words!

Using your favourite moments from the Santa Float we have been able to make some wonderfully themed cloud art to show the words that mean most to you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

We are so happy to see that your words mirror our values and we hope we can build the excitement, spread the Christmas spirit, the love and ensure everyone has a magical experience when they see the Santa Float.

Thank you for your feedback