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Santa Float Season
Is here

This December Chester Round Table will be bringing Santa Back to the Streets of Chester and this year we want you to


We need your help to head out into the streets and #Party as Santa and his elves pass by.

The fun doesn’t stop there, walk with us, sing with and dance with us as we travel through the night. The louder and the flashier the better. 

See below for details regarding Santa Float 2023


Chester Round Table raises money to spend across the entire Chester region. Any donation that you can give will help local causes in your community.

To donate £1, text CHESTER to 70201

To donate £3, text CHESTER to 70331

To donate £5, text CHESTER to 70970

To donate £10, text CHESTER to 70191

Total Raised So Far

*Total include offline bucket collections, web and text donations
Thank you for donating generously, all funds raised will help causes across the local CWaC area.



What is the Santa Float event?

The Santa Float is a fundraising event organised by Chester Grosvenor 76 Round Table and every penny of profit raised will be reinvested back into local causes. 


The Santa Float will be towed around the streets of Chester covering as many areas as possible over 8 nights and covering as much as 70km of the streets of our local community.


On the Santa Float we will have plenty of flashing Christmas lights, loud Christmas music and Santa himself ready to wave all the families that pass on the way. 


Santa will have his elves alongside the Santa Float handing out sweets and taking donations for charity. Everyone involved in this event is a volunteer giving up their time to bring Christmas as close to you as we can. All we ask is that you give us some big waves, sing, dance or simply enjoy the festive atmosphere and if you can please donate.


Thank you for your support!

How do I donate?

Alongside the Santa Float we will have elves walking with Santa. Santa’s elves will be handing out sweets to all of our members. Our elves will also be carrying buckets, card readers, QR codes, Text Numbers and NFC tags. This will enable to you to donate in a way that suits you best. 

Alternatively you can also donate by clicking the donate button

Donate to Chester Round Table Santa Float Event

or by texting the below numbers;

To Donate £1, text CHESTER to 70201
To Donate £3, text CHESTER to 70331
To Donate £5, text CHESTER to 70970
To Donate £10, text CHESTER to 70191

With your donations we can #DoMore in the local areas of Chester and invest heavily back into local causes.

Where can I find the Santa Float?

We will post the the start and finish of each route along with checkpoints on the website, alongside the tracker. These can also be found on our social media channels.

There will be a live tracker on the website, so you can come and find us along the way. 

Will the Santa Float come down my street?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the Santa Float will come to your street. Over 8 days we cover as much as Chester as we can and can cover over 10Km a night on foot in all kinds of weather conditions. We have removed door knocking so that we can cover more ground and we will have checkpoints on the routes where you can meet us on the night. There will be a live tracker on the website and we will be publish the finish location for the event ahead of time.


This should give everyone ample opportunity to safely see the float and wave to Santa and his elves on the evening.

There are many reasons we may not be able to make it down particular streets and some of those reasons will be unknown to us until we arrive. (Bad car parking, road changes, issues with the Float, etc…).


We recommend that you utilize the tracker and find us if you want to be guaranteed to see the float or meet us at the published checkpoints along the route.

If you are fortunate to see Santa pass your window but you don’t want to leave your warm fire to donate. You can donate via this website, text or Paypal Payment.

Why did the route change?

Every year we make changes to the route based on feedback, experience and ever changing conditions of the city. These changes are made to ensure that we cover as much of the area as we can, the safety of our volunteers, to comply with licensing restrictions and mostly because our volunteers have changed.


When we get new members from a specific area of Chester they are able give an insight to the area in which they live. Using our volunteer’s everyday experience we can better plot routes to ensure that we cover the area to the best of our ability. As members come and go from Chester Round Table we gain\lose some of that insight and that naturally leads to changes to the routes.


In the areas we don’t have members we have to work on feedback, previous experience and some times trial and error.


We welcome all constructive feedback at [email protected]

Is the event Covid Safe?

Last year we ran a very effective campaign #SpaceWaveDonate to ensure the 3 major components kept you as safe as possible. Despite being in Lockdown we were blown away by the amazing response we got from you all and how you were still able to have a good time and create a #Party atmosphere.


This year we have adopted the mantra #PartyWaveDonate in a hope of ensuring that you bring some of that spirit to our event, however in light of the recent “Plan B” announcement we need to ask you to once more to follow some rules to keep yourself, others, Santa’s helpers, our reindeers and Santa safe.


#Space – Please ensure you are giving yourself and others plenty of space around the Santa Float. This is an outdoor event and there is usually plenty of space and opportunity to see Santa in most settings. Please refrain from overcrowding and from mixing between groups where possible and it is advised to wear a face covering.

#Wave – Santa will be on the lookout for you all to wave to Santa from a safe distance and his helpers will always try to help point you out. The more visible you are the easier Santa can spot you to wave to you. 


#Donate – Santa’s helpers will have buckets to collect donations as well as many contact free options QR Codes, NFC, Text to Donate numbers and contactless terminals. Head to our Donate page for more details.


We had intended to hand out sweets from Santa, sadly with the rise in cases these will now be donated to a local cause instead.

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