Youth Initiative Overview

Chester Round Table would like to invite local youth fundraisers or local young entrepreneurs to give them the opportunity to #DoMore in Chester. We will invest small amounts of cash to help promote into your ideas and will look to provide guidance, support and extra opportunities of fundraising along the way. We will set out some guidance criteria to help shape proposals and ensure that any ideas backed by Chester Round Table will help either develop the proposers or the local community.

You may participate as an individual or as part of group to help raise your funds in your local area. 

Youth Initiative Criteria

We have set out some criteria to help guide the investments so that we can be sure we are investing in a local campaign and there will be a requirement for regular updates on the projects to ensure that the investment has been spent as agreed. We may agree to crowd-fund on your campaign to gain additional funds if the requirements meet all thresholds for Investments and it is appropriate for the campaign to do so.

  • Participants must be under 18.
  • Participants must be living in the CWaC region
  • Investment must not exceed £500
  • If the there is any profit from the investment. The original Investment and 25% of profit (up to 2 years) must be returned to Chester Round Table 
  • Proposals must show how you intend to either help a local cause or how you intend to recoup the Charity investment.